The Rise of Table Tennis Betting – Understanding the Thrills and Risks

Table tennis has become an attractive betting choice among sports bettors due to its accessibility. Many professional leagues host regular competitions that showcase an array of talent while offering unique betting opportunities.

Betting on a match winner is relatively straightforward, with odds presented as moneyline odds. However, before placing your bet it is important to keep a few factors in mind.

Thrills and Risks

Table tennis is a fast-paced and engaging sport to watch, yet betting on it should only be undertaken after carefully considering all risks involved. These risks include money loss and developing gambling addiction – to avoid this it’s wise to start small bets before betting for real money.

Punters can make bets on the winner of head-to-head matches using fixed odds, tournament winner betting or each-way odds; often available at double or treble figure prices depending on match type.

Oddmakers also offer another popular form of betting known as over/under betting, which relies on pre-game odds set by them and refers to how many total points will be scored during a table tennis match. While more difficult to predict than straight bets on winners, an over/under bet could yield large dividends should you get it right! You could even place multiple bets as parlays with your sportsbook in order to increase winnings if all legs come true!


Table tennis can be an elusive sport to predict accurately, with players’ individual and collective performances having an enormous effect on match outcomes. Therefore, punters must do their research prior to placing any bets; those who make successful gamblers tend to make informed decisions based on thorough analysis and research as they take time and effort in learning the sport, instead placing bets quickly.

Table tennis betting markets can be divided into pre-match and in-play markets. Of these two markets, in-play offers more betting opportunities including head to heads; punters can place bets based on players’ strengths and weaknesses to predict how they will perform against another. Wagers often come accompanied with player profiles so punters can better analyze odds and payouts.

Bets on match totals are by far the most popular bet, not because of whether one player wins or loses but rather their combined point totals. This bet often features Over/Under totals to increase payout potential.

Betting options

Table tennis betting options are similar to those found in its sister sports of tennis and badminton, making the transition between them quite straightforward. As such, those familiar with these other two should find table tennis quite easy to grasp as soon as they have some experience betting in either or both sports.

Before betting on table tennis, however, a few key things must be remembered before placing bets. First and foremost is choosing a trusted and licensed site; this will guarantee that any winning bets are paid out quickly if necessary and that the betting market remains fair. In addition, be sure to watch any matches you’re betting on as this can help give an insight into players and how well or poorly they play as a whole.

Be mindful of a player’s rankings as well. A rising player may be in peak condition while one whose rank drops may have less motivation or be affected by injuries – this can significantly impact the outcome of matches, so do your research before placing bets.


Betting on table tennis is legal in most states where sports gambling is legal; however, you should only place your bets with a trustworthy online sportsbook. The best sportsbooks will provide an array of betting options specific to this sport including live bets which involve placing bets during play out of games – something which often brings great pleasure for bettors!

When betting on table tennis matches, pay careful consideration to the odds. Players with higher probabilities of success tend to have lower odds while those with lesser ones can sometimes have higher ones depending on how different sportsbooks price their odds differently resulting in mispriced bets.

Another popular table tennis wager is on the match total. This bet doesn’t depend on which player will win each set; rather, it measures how many points will be scored by both opponents over an entire match. You can place bets using an online calculator which will let you determine how much money your bet could potentially bring home if successful.


Table tennis is an exciting, fast-paced sport with dynamic events happening during matches. This makes table tennis betting exciting for bettors who can place live wagers using various different betting markets, including correct score and handicap bets. Most online sportsbooks provide such options; however not all offer them like they would cricket or football betting options.

Consideration should also be given when placing table tennis bets to the probability of one player winning by a wide margin. A winner with such an outcome would usually offer lower odds and payouts; conversely, those who lose by large margins typically face increased odds and higher payouts.

Prior to betting on table tennis, it is imperative for punters to conduct in-depth research on players and the sport itself. They should consider both psychological and mental aspects that may have an influence over game results, and social media for any information regarding a player’s performance that may help avoid costly errors in betting decisions.

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