Aviator vs JetX: Which Game to Pick and Why?


Two of the most loved and popular casino games today are Aviator and JetX. What if you have to choose between both online casino games? Both the games are unique, and selecting one out of the two can be a challenging task.

Aviator or JetX Game?

Aviator is a game wherein you must predict when a plane, which takes off from the runway, will fly out of sight. The game is visually appealing. JetX is also a similar game, where a player needs to predict when the jet will burst. In both games, you must place a bet and cash out before a plane flies out of sight or a jet bursts.

We will analyze these two games based on their key features so that you can pick one that suits your gaming style. The two games can elevate your gaming experience.

Once you understand the gameplay of these two games, you can make an informed decision as to which one to go for.

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How does Aviator Online Game Work?

Aviator is a game based on a plane. Following are steps on how the game works:

A plane starts flying and goes through various coefficients.
The game’s objective is to cash out before the plane goes off from the screen.
The winning multiplier starts at 1X and keeps going higher before disappearing.

Players must withdraw the winnings before the plane goes off the screen.

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 How does the JetX game work?

As the name suggests, in the JetX game, a jet is used.

A jet takes off at the start of the game, trying to attain altitude.
The aim of the game is to cash out before the jet explodes.
If you can cash out before the jet explosion, you win and get profits.

 Ultimate Comparison of Aviator and JetX Casino Games

Cash Out

In an Aviator casino game, a player needs to cash out before the plane flies away. In JetX, a player needs to cash out before the jet explodes.

Return to Player (RTP)

The Return to Player (RTP) of the Aviator game is 97%, while the RTP of the JetX casino game is 96.7-98.8%.

Concluding Thoughts: JetX or Aviator?

This question has no definite answer, as the choice is entirely subjective. Both games have amazing and unique features. They may look similar if you have not played either of these games. Check for graphics and overall entertainment, and then pick a game that you find the most interesting.

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